Take Time Out For Adventures 

The husband and I set out for an adventure today. We hadn’t got out much since I got sick before Christmas. We decided I needed to get out and try to slowly get my stamina and strength back so we took off to the creek. I would have never thought in January we would be out creek wading looking for treasure but we did. Considering it was 65 degrees outside we put on our rubber boots and hoped right on in.

We walked up the creek for a while until it started getting to deep. We couldn’t risk getting in the water up past our boots. The water was a little chilly. We turned back and walked back down the creek. It’s alot harder to see the rocks when you walk downstream due to when you step down in the creek it makes a little muck but it goes behind you when your walking upstream. 
We waded for about 2 total hours and didn’t find much. We picked up a few unique things, a couple fossils, some driftwood, and a few banded crystals but no agate today. I got tired a few times and sat down on a dry rock here and there for a break. It was a good chance to get a few pics in while I listened to the water flowing over the rocks. One of the most relaxing beautiful songs in the Appalachian Mountains. The mountain air felt so clean and refreshing.

It didn’t matter that we didn’t find any big treasures because it felt so good to get out. It made me feel alive again. I havent felt like myself at all since I got the blood clots. I think the medications is one of the main reasons. Ive been so tired and weak since I was in thr hospital. This whole trip reassured me that I am strong and I will get stronger. We are so blessed to be living well in the Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky. 

Here’s a few pics of our beautiful adventure today. 


Flowing Creekside Memories Collection 

Presenting the first piece of my creekside memory collection to my Etsy shop! I hope Y’all enjoy as much I do. I must say this is my most heart felt piece yet. I decided to unveil it in my shop this month due to it being the month that I lost my dad. This collection was inspired by and dedicated to him. 

Creek Rock Necklace Flowing Wild and Free, giving the serenity and feel of the Appalachian creek flowing through the mountains that I love so much. 

This is the first piece in my Flowing Creekside Memory Collection.I have more pieces to unveil on hope more creations in the future.  I am inspired deeply by the creeks that flow through these great mountains in Kentucky where my heart is. This handmade pendant is very cherished by my heart. When my dad passed 6 years ago we sprinkled his ashes at our favorite swimming hole. He loved the creeks and streams in these mountains with his whole heart. I like to think he is with me when I am there and when I wear this. Although I know he is always with me in my heart. I wanted to give the feeling of my love for the creeks and it beauty to you through these creations and share how amazing my home is and it’s natural creations are. Sitting on the creek bank relaxing and listening to the water trickle over the rocks was the feeling  I was looking for when I created these pieces. I hope you can enjoy them as much as I do. 

These pieces of nature are handmade in the Appalachian Mountains of Ky and genuine creek rock where used in there production. Love and country soul where put into each one. 

They are attached to a 20 inch bronze chain and the pendant is a little bigger than a quarter. 

Also remember your purchase is very important to me. By purchasing an item from my shop you are helping me make my dreams come true. I personally will make every effort to make your item carefully and special just for you. 
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Each item ships with tracking and special gift packaging. Recycled packaging will be used when available to help save the earth.

Check out this item in my Etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/listing/473653354/flowing-creekside-memories-necklace