It feels like Spring Time here in Kentucky! 

I am totally shocked at the winter weather we have not had here in Kentucky. It’s not been very cold at all. Yesterday me and my family went on a small adventure in the woods. I was amazed to find a few mosquito bites on my arms when we returned. Mosquitos on February is some thing I have never seen or had a problem with. I am honestly worried about the other critters being out early also like the copperheads and deer ticks. I think it needs to come a cold spell and scare them all off for a little while. It’s way to soon to be dealing with this annoying critters that I am personally scared to death of. 

We did enjoy our trip to the creek and found a few nice treasures. One being this awesome piece of drift wood. I am so thankful that I have a nice husband to carry things for me. This piece is huge and I honestly don’t have a clue what I’m going to do with it. But I couldn’t leave it behind. We also found a couple of gorgeous pieces of Kentucky Agate. I can’t wait to share them with you all when I get them cleaned up and cut. Mother Nature sure did bless us with these natural creations. 

The weather has been amazing. It’s been around 70 degrees for the past few days and the forcast says it’s gonna be that way all week. It may be time to put up those winter coats. I’m gonna give it a little bit. It’s all too strange and I honestly hope we do have a few cooler days soon. Although we definitely don’t want the the farmers to be planting and a frost come. I do feel it’s needed. 

I was amazing at the beauty of the creek yesterday. It almost looked to be neon green. I didn’t realize how much you can see when all the trees are leafless. I was a little distraught that my favorite Kayaking water trail is undergoing a logging company for a stretch of about 10 miles. The forest looks a little bare without the big oaks and popular trees. Big piles of logs where stacked everywhere and the creek bed that we use for kayaking was full of floating log dams. I sure hope they clean up. So many people love to make that trip. 

All the downed trees is such and eyesore in this beautiful area but the creek still looked refreshing like it’s standing it’s own through the storm. 

I know sometimes logging is good for a forest but I pray that the owner of this operation would be considerate to the creeks and streams and do there best to take care of the wildlife. I really feel like this part of the forest should be considered a national forest due to its excellent streams and beautiful views. I hope one day it will be so it’s protected and this can’t happen agai. It hurts my heart to see one of my favorite places in such a mess. 



Flash Sale

Check out this awesome Sale on my Facebook page! Be sure to message me with questions or orders on Facebook or Instagram. The sale will go thru midnight! I am planning to go back to work next week and I wanna be sure everyone is took care of before then. I know I’m gonna be a little tired when I start back. Getting back to the swing of things is gonna be a challenge. Here’s the link to my page.

Getting back to Myself 

Two days before Christmas I experienced one of the most frightening things ever. I was diagnosed with a blood clot in my jugular vein and several in my lungs. I spent a few days in the hospital and I have been taking injections and bloof thinner since the event.

I am having such a hard time getting back to myself. I feel like this body is not mine. I am only 36 years old and just can’t get it in my head that I am gonna be on these medication for a year. Possibly longer due to test results and there being a possibility of a clotting disorder. It’s the strangest feeling ever. I don’t have any energy and I am not motivated to do much of anything. I plan to return to work in 2 weeks and I am so stressed out about it because I am having these weird feelings of fatigue and no motivation. Just a trip to the store wears me out and I wanna go to bed when I get home and sleep for 2 hours. 

I most definitely have taken my health for granted and I hope to make my body stronger and healthier in time. I just can’t get the motivation and wheel power back. I’m most grateful and blessed to be here and I know that. I definitely don’t want to take life for granted and it’s made me have another point of view about living life to the fullest because you never know what tomorrow will bring. 

I just wanna be me again, 


Take Time Out For Adventures 

The husband and I set out for an adventure today. We hadn’t got out much since I got sick before Christmas. We decided I needed to get out and try to slowly get my stamina and strength back so we took off to the creek. I would have never thought in January we would be out creek wading looking for treasure but we did. Considering it was 65 degrees outside we put on our rubber boots and hoped right on in.

We walked up the creek for a while until it started getting to deep. We couldn’t risk getting in the water up past our boots. The water was a little chilly. We turned back and walked back down the creek. It’s alot harder to see the rocks when you walk downstream due to when you step down in the creek it makes a little muck but it goes behind you when your walking upstream. 
We waded for about 2 total hours and didn’t find much. We picked up a few unique things, a couple fossils, some driftwood, and a few banded crystals but no agate today. I got tired a few times and sat down on a dry rock here and there for a break. It was a good chance to get a few pics in while I listened to the water flowing over the rocks. One of the most relaxing beautiful songs in the Appalachian Mountains. The mountain air felt so clean and refreshing.

It didn’t matter that we didn’t find any big treasures because it felt so good to get out. It made me feel alive again. I havent felt like myself at all since I got the blood clots. I think the medications is one of the main reasons. Ive been so tired and weak since I was in thr hospital. This whole trip reassured me that I am strong and I will get stronger. We are so blessed to be living well in the Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky. 

Here’s a few pics of our beautiful adventure today. 

Custom Creekside Collection is Making Memories for Special People

Do you have a favorite place on the Creek bank. A place where you went swimming when you where a kid. A place where your grandma took you fishing. This could make a cherished gift for your love one. I would be glad to have you send me some creek rocks from your favorite spot and use them to create a piece of jewelry made especially for you.

This very special order turned out to be one of my all time favorites! If you look real close there is a tiny little dark brown snail shell in the center.


What makes this so precious it that the sweet person that ask me to make these brought me the creek rocks from a place where her grandfather took her when she was a child. She plans to give them to her children and nieces and nephews for a cherished gift. When I told her they where finished she cried with excitement. This is what its about. Making memories forever. I just think this would make a great memory for anyone to have close to their hearts.❤❤❤