I Stumbled Upon This Amazing Historic Tree

My Sweet husband has a love for agate hunting and we all like to tag along with him. Which involves wading the creeks and streams of Estill County searching for special little treasures. I like to bring a little bit of every type of treasure home and have a huge rock collection outside and inside. On our latest trip to the creek I ran across this Wondeful tree. I had to make everyone stop and look and wait while I took a picture. They always enjoy waiting for me. After I got home I posted a picture of the tree on Instagram and one of my friends saw it. She had read an article about trees that looked like these trees and it was the same tree. I am amazed that I stumbled across this and it is a piece of Native American History. I am so appreciative that my friend shared this with me. If you have a chance please take the time and check it out. It explains how the Indians used the trees to mark the way to resources. Kind of like road signs. I definitely will be going back to see this one again for sure.

American Indian Marker Tree Found on Estill County Creek Bank
American Indian Marker Tree Found on Estill County Creek Bank

Mysterious bent trees are actually Native American trail markers https://roadtrippers.com/stories/mysterious-bent-trees-are-actually-native-american-trail-markers via @Roadtrippers

Later another friend that posted this message on my photo. This tree truely is a piece of history.

Sondra Stone quoted, ”

Is that the one up Buck Ck.If so yes it is.They went through there to Barnes Mountain  where I was born and raised.It used to be (in 1940 s the county road to Barnsmt.My grandpa Brinegar (Isreal) owned 200 acres from this road to barnsmt.Paul King owns the field at the end of the road.There is a cave there that my greats grandparents lived in while their Indian kinfolk stayed in the field by the cave.There is a great story there but any way this road was part of the Wilderness Trail that Daniel Boone took on the way to Fort Boonesbough.I know its hard to believe but in its day this Indain trail turned into a good road for people settling in the area.The water that runs thro the cave is the begining of Bucks Creek .It was on my grannies deed that way.There are signs cut into rocks all along the trail from this tree.Thank you for sharing I have lots of photos of the cave and some of the rocks if you would like to see.


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