Happy Customers Make Me Smile

It’s the greatest feeling when your out and about and someone one says, “Hey look!” and they are wearing and enjoying one of my creations. It makes all my efforts seem worthwhile. I feel honored and appreciate it so much. 

I have always loved unique things that other people don’t wear and fashion trends is something that I am not concerned about. I make extra effort to make my creations unique and personal because that’s what makes me happy. After all who really wants to be in the same place wearing the exact same thing as someone else. How boring would it be if everyone looked the same.  

I appreciate all my customers and hope they know that they are helping me make my dreams come true. This is something that is cherished dearly by me and I want to make sure each customer is happy. Life’s short and we all need to do more things that makes us happy. 

Please feel free to share your photos with me. They are precious and make my day!

It’s also so awesome to receive a great customer feedback from customers as well. It means so much that a customer chose my creation to make there but when they share it with others it lets me know for certain they are satisfied and that’s my #1 goal. 


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