Estill Arts Council Arts and Crafts Show 2016 

The Estill Arts Council is hosting a Arts and Crafts show this Saturday and would like to invite everyone to come out and support our local artisians, craftmans, musicians, and performers. 

We plan to have 40+ Venders attend this event and we are grateful to have the community be a part of it. Here’s a little information about some of our venders that are planning to attend.  

Ruth Pasley

If you guys have ever met Ruth Ann McKinney Pasley then you have met a very talented lady! Ruth is working hard to get ready for the show! Here’s a few sneak peaks of her items!

Check her out on facebook and etsy!

Tammy Cox McMain 

We are very excited that Tammy from Hillside Tack will be joining us at the Arts and Crafts show! She has been a cherished member of the EAC for several years. Tammy is a very talented leathersmith. She makes the most amazing purses, belts, sheaths, and other leather products.  Come check out her creations at the show. You can also learn more about Tammy on her page or stop on and see her at her shop. She will always welcome you with a warm smile.

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Mindful Feather Creations 

 Darrel Wooton and Joclyn Lee are local creators and artist and have recently joined the Estill Arts Council. They are creator of beautiful jewelry, tye dyes, and paintings.

They are very excited to be a part of the Art Community and want to be involved with expressing art appreciation. We are a glad to have them on our group and their enthusiasm.

Robert Ruffner 

Fresh off the Laith ready for the EAC Arts and Crafts Show on December 3rd. Handmade by the talented Woodworker and craftsman Robert Ruffner. Robert is a cherished member of the Estill Arts Council and we will be glad to see his artwork at the show. Come check out his wonderful creations at the Estill County Central Office Gym from 10-4.

Robert takes great pride in his work. Each piece of the wood he uses is hand chosen and had its own unique story. He takes extra care in each piece he creates and this is what makes his work amazing.

Robert was born and raised 10 miles from Wash. D.C. In Silver Spring,Md. He moved to Ky in 1970 to attend EKU.After graduating in 1973 he started working at U.K. in the Art Dept and the Cabinet Shop. He later bought his Estill Co. farm in 1978 and moved here in 1980. He had a bit of a hard scrabble ever since earning a living with his woodworking skills. With the help of his lovely wife Gwen Heffner who married him in 1986 they made there life here in the foothills of Estill Co. and raised a fine son, Matthew. Robert purchased his first lathe in 2008 and has been addicted to wood turning ever since.

The Fuzzy Lemon

Kris Brake will be joining us on December 3rd with her amazing creations at the EAC Arts and Crafts Show! We are excited to see what new goodies she has been creating!

Come out and check it out from 10-4 at the Estill County Central Office Gym! 

Also here’s Her link to her shop, take a peak at her creations!

Recycled Rusty Bits and Pieces 

Richelle Isaacs Cox and her brother Shane Isaacs have both made handmade Arts and Crafts most of there lives and were inspired by their parents.  They still get help from their dad Billy Isaacs, and other family members including Richelle’s husband Sammy, Shane’s Granddaughters Caitlyn and Carly and last but not least Richelles son Lucas who owns Cox Recycling. This is where it began with recycled treasures. There main goal is to make as much of there creations from recyclable materials as possible, anything from a rusty piece of tin, old auto part, horseshoe, tree branch or bed springs. Shane does some forge work, wields, wood working, and concrete work. Richelle loves painting, sewing, designing and putting creations together. Together they make an awesome team!  Hope everyone can come out and see there creations at the Craft show Dec. 3rd at the Central Office Gym from 10-4. 

Rocky Woodland Forge

Brad Holman from Rocky Woodland Forge will be joining us with his hand-forged tools! Great gifts for the guys on your list! Come visit them on December 3 and check out there page!

Bee Dreamer Creations

Xyara (Stella) Asplen with her Bee Dreamer Creations Will be joining us at the EAC Arts and Crafts Show. We are always looking forward to her earthy creations. Xyara Asplen from Bee Dreamers Creations had been coming to this event for several years. She has some very beutiful creations. She is a second-generation artisan and homesteader.  She grew up in the back of a holler in Estill County, KY, where she developed a deep love and respect for the woods and wild places of the Appalachians that still informs her life and her work today.  After winding her way westward over the course of a dozen years with stopovers in the Great Plains, the Rocky Mountains, and the Southern Siskiyous, she has happily circled back to her roots and now makes her home in the Knobs region outside of Berea.  She works in a variety of natural and re-purposed materials, including leather, copper, textiles, seeds, bone, shell, and stone to craft unique personal accessories and adornments.  She draws much of her inspiration from the tremendous biodiversity of the Appalachian hills, using heat and color to etch detailed botanical designs into her hand-stitched leather pouches, handbags, and hair accessories.  She’s developed a line of paw-paw seed jewelry, and strives to embody a “backwoods bohemian” fashion sense in her creations.  She also incorporates antique and vintage buttons, beads, and other bits and pieces of human history into her work, spinning the threads of humanity back into their wild origins.

Honey Bee Acres

Melissa Anders from Honey Bee Acres will be coming to show her handmade creations at the EAC Arts and Crafts Show on Dec. 3rd.   Melissa will be making a trip from Berea to join us with her handmade hats, journals, and beeswax coated food wraps. Her items are very vibrant and uniquely designed. We are excited to have her and hope everyone will come out and check out her collections. Melissa also has an Etsy shop. If you would like to check out her items here’s the link.  please share this every one you can.