Did you know these Estill County Arts Council Members are Etsy Shop Owners

Shop local and never leave your comfy home. These Estill Arts Council members have began a journey sharing there work with the world. Etsy is a great way for artist to network with other artist and discover a world of customers. Check it out and visit there shops! You won’t even have to pay to park or bring an umbrella. 

Hillside Home Arts

Jane’s love for shopping at yard sales and local thrift stores has been an inspiration for her Etsy shop. She is always looking for things from the 50s, 60s, and 70s that remind her of her childhood decades. When she started bringing too many things home she decided to share her findings with the world.  The items then evolved to her Etsy Shop. Most of the items that she purchases have to be cleaned, repaired, repainted or repurposed. She has learned a lot with this hobby, and really enjoys keeping busy and feeling productive.

Here’s her shop link!


Ruths Quilts and More

If you guys have ever met Ruth then you have met a very talented lady! Ruth has a quilting club that meets and learns the art of quiting. Not only does she quilt she can embroider beautifully. Check out Ruths creations on Facebook and Etsy!



The Fuzzy Lemon

Kris Brake loves to create vintage inspired purses and embroidered aprons. She uses old feed sacs and fine vintage like fabrics to accent her work.

Here’s the link to her shop, take a peak http://etsy.me/2fT7Bjj

Cynthia Cusick 

Cynthia of Tea Horse Studio is maker of functional pottery and sculptural works. She had very beautiful and intriguing pottery in her shop. Be sure to check it out http://etsy.me/2iSWyJR


I am absolutely excited and ready to share my new Flowing Creekside Memories Collection with everyone. I plan to add some personalization to my items this year and offer custom designed stamped jewelry . I love to reuse and repurposed things and I also love to use nature made products like rocks, gems, and pinecones. If you would like to check out my shop I would love for you too. http://etsy.me/2fT3bc0

The Estill County Arts Council is open to all artist and art supporters. We meet every 3rd Tuesday of each month. We would love to have you attend. We are open to ideas in the community and welcome your suggestions.

Mekeshia Jordan, EAC secretary


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