Werk it! 


Christmas Crafts and Making Memories that Last! 

Spending time with your family and friends is what the holidays is all about. A great way to make some memories and share some quality time with your family is making handmade ornaments. They are also priceless and the memories are something everyone will never forget. 

Some of my favorite things about Christmas is the handmade ornaments. Each year I try to come up with a new creative ideas for ornaments. As you all know I love to recycle things and this is a great way also to do that. 

I love to get the Christmas Ornaments out and put them on the tree. My tree never has much of a theme or pretty cordinating colors but it always turns our to be extra special with all the personlized touches from everyone.


Some of my most precious possessions are made from popcycle sticks, pom poms, and hot glue. I have ornaments made by my son, nephews, friends, and family and they are so special to me. I even have some ornaments I made when I was a kid. I was so grateful that my mom keep them and later gave them to me. 

There are so many ideas for Christmas Ornaments when you look. Lots of them cost very little or could be done with out any cost. When I was a kid we made salt dough ornaments every year. I always looked forward to it. If you don’t have a big budget these make great gifts as well.  Check out my Pinterest Board. I have a collection of recipes and tutorials. 

2 weeks till Christmas….

​Orders up! Woo Wee Y’all I’m tired and I didn’t even get my tree up! Tomorrow is another day though! We did manage to get a tree and its proped up in the living room smelling awesome like Christmas in here!

I’m going to make a list tomorrow of all the things I need to do and start checking it off. I’m going to make a point to enjoy the holidays and not get overwelmed. Which definitely means I may have to say no sometimes. I find myself getting to much to do because I don’t know how to say no. Till the season to be Jolly! 
Gotta be a good Elf! People need something cute for Christmas! 

Low tire, No problem! My sweet husband is always taking care of me JustinTime!❤

We finally got a tree! Smelling so good! It’s Christmas now!  

It will wait till after work tomorrow. It’s been sitting outside all alone for days! Even though it looking really pitiful. I’m not gonna stress it. I’m so exhausted.