Why Should We Wear Copper


Have you ever wondered why your Grandmother wore a copper cuff. It’s not just an old folks tale. Copper is an essential mineral that is necessary for our bodies to function properly. Copper is found in the liver, brain, heart, kidneys and skeletal muscle. It’s critical to us that these organs are functioning probably.

Copper helps the body form collagen. Collagen is found in our bones, skin, blood vessels, digestive systems and tendons. It is known as the bodies glue.

This leads us back to why copper helps arthritis and decreases aches and pains. It increases the collegen in our bodies and this decreases the pains in our muscles, tendons, and joints. It also increases the bodies ability to absorb iron. Iron is a very important mineral and helps with energy. We all could use some more energy.

Copper can be absorbed through our skin. Considering it helps our bodies form collagen it can do some amazing things for our skin as well. Collagen is responsible for our strength and elasticity. This plays and important role in the fountain of youth. Collagen decreases wrinkles and helps our skin strong and youthful.

Have you experienced the advantages of wearing copper. Please share your experience. If you haven’t you should give it a try and see how it can benefit you.

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