2 weeks till Christmas….

​Orders up! Woo Wee Y’all I’m tired and I didn’t even get my tree up! Tomorrow is another day though! We did manage to get a tree and its proped up in the living room smelling awesome like Christmas in here!

I’m going to make a list tomorrow of all the things I need to do and start checking it off. I’m going to make a point to enjoy the holidays and not get overwelmed. Which definitely means I may have to say no sometimes. I find myself getting to much to do because I don’t know how to say no. Till the season to be Jolly! 
Gotta be a good Elf! People need something cute for Christmas! 

Low tire, No problem! My sweet husband is always taking care of me JustinTime!❤

We finally got a tree! Smelling so good! It’s Christmas now!  

It will wait till after work tomorrow. It’s been sitting outside all alone for days! Even though it looking really pitiful. I’m not gonna stress it. I’m so exhausted. 


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