Crying Doesn’t Mean Your Weak 


The strongest person I knew in my life was my dad. He was lineman for PIke electric company for many years and worked for several other companys. He was always building things around the house and to a little girl he was as strong as an ox. Especially when he could pick me up and pack me with one arm. To be a strong person my dad was the most tender hearted loving person anyone could have ever known. This being one of characteristics that I definitely took after my daddy. He was very soft hearted and so am I. You never knew when you looked at him there may have been a tear rolling down his check. I can cry at the drop of a dime. I remember when I was in grade school and it was my turn to read in front of the class. I would get so nervous that by the time I finished reading my paragraph I would be in tears. 

I could never forget watching Old Yeller with my Dad and both of us crying our eyes out through the whole movie. Many things can make it happen. Maybe a commercial on TV, a sad movie, if I’m mad, sad, upset, stressed, overwhelmed, happy, nervous, or other things I may have forgot to mention. 

I know in my heart there is a reason God gave me this characteristic but I’m not sure why. My uncle Beverly told me that my Dad would come to church and sit in the back row and cry through the whole service. He said he knew that God was reaching him because of this and he could tell dad had a humble heart.

 It can be a little bit annoying at times. I despise when it happens to me and I’m not able to say what I want because I will cry or when someone try’s to ask me what’s wrong and I cry even more. I do think it is most definitely what makes me who I am and I am certain God has a plan for my tender heart. Maybe it’s already in place. I know I have spent my whole life doing it and it doesn’t mean anything is wrong with me it means I’m human. We all do it. Some more than others. Sometimes when we don’t want to but can’t stop it. It’s just what God has planned for us to do. So if y’all see me crying please don’t pay no mind. I’ll be ok in time. Sometimes all a person needs is time to get it out. I’ve learned in time it’s who I am and just what makes me the person I am. I just have to go with it because I definitely can’t stop it I’ve tried many times. 


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