August Arts Council Meeting Reflections

We had an awesome arts council meeting this week. It was so good to have some new faces and faces we hadn’t seen for a while. We discussed the normal business of the council. Nominated a New President, John Hatfield, New Vice President, Lauren Rosenhauser, and I will be taking over the Secretary role. We also discussed a lot of new business for the council and formed some new committees that I am very excited about. A new Yuletide Planning committee was established and an Estill Rising Committee. We established it is too hard to take care of everything the council needed to do in a monthly meeting. Therefore each committee plans to meet when it’s convenient for the members.¬†

I came to realize during this meeting how important it is to have groups like us to help develop and expand our community. We are in desperate need of growth in Estill County. Our little town is slowing dying. This is so important to our children’s futures. We want them to have the same experiences in our town that we did but better.

Estill Co. has a lot to offer but we are not using what we have available. It is sad to see all those empty buildings on Main Street just sitting there wasting away. Can you image what they are capable of becoming. Wouldn’t it be awesome to see them filled with shops and things to do.The EAC would love to have a home for artist to come together and share their work with the community. Possibly have some art classes. I am sure other groups would like to have a place to meet an share ideas also.

In the 80’s Estill County was booming. We had a skating rink, movie theater, public pool, and a drive-in. All great things for kid’s and families. As a teen parent I would love to see a safe place for the kids to hang out considering they don’t have any place in town to go or anything at all to do. The possibilies are endless. We can’t let our wonderful towns spirit burn out. We have to shine and grow so people will be able to enjoy it for years to come.

There are some great groups established in our community striving to help Estill County grow and The EAC is one of them. The Estill Developmental Alliance, The Estill Action Group, The Gem and Mineral Club, The Estill County Farmers Market are all working hard to make growth happen.  Also the River City Players whom are well on the way to saving the old Mack Theater and The Friends of Lilly Mountain.

I would like to ask everyone to take a look into these groups and see if you can relate with them. Go to a meeting or check out a Web page. If it’s just taking a few minutes to brainstorm how we can help keep Estill County Alive and sharing it with someone. I am sure your ideas and opinions would be greatly appreciated by all members and the community for years to come. Here’s a list of websites.


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