Unakite Gemstone Uniqueness

This is the first wire wrapped gemstone bangle I ever made. The stone is a NATURAL UNAKITE GEMSTONE. It’s very unique and has very earthy colors and tones with a splash of pink. I love the way this bracelet looked when I finished it. It feels unique to my style.

Unakite is often mistakingly called an Epidote. It’s somewhat true because it’s actually a form of granite combined with epidote, feldspar and quartz. The word epidote is derived from the Greek word epidosis “growing together”. Because the stones grow together as if they were one single stone.

The Unakite stone was discovered in the Unaka Mountain in Tennessee and North Carolina. That’s how it got its name.  Unakite stone can also be found in Zimbabwe and Switzerland.

Holding the gemstone or wearing it on a chain at heart level is believed to draw negative energies from the body and remove blockages from the heart. It is worn to stabilize your entire system. When bad news strikes the energies are known to take away pain and heartache.

Soaking the stone in water and leaving it outside under the moon light overnight. Is believed to help skin problems and smooth wrinkles by using the water to bathe in.

Sleeping with Unakite stones in the bed to believed help relieve tense muscles and relax the body for better sleep and less tossing and turning. It’s also well known to help with anger issues and giving you more patience. It is believed to be benificial during pregnancy by helping nourish mother and child to ensure a healthy birth.

These are just a few interesting perceptions of the stone I found while doing a little research. So many gemstones are known for their healing characteristics and it is very interesting to me so I felt the need to share.


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