Pictures Can Speak A Thousand Words

I have been working on photos faithfully since I opened my shop. I have learned a few things along the way and continue to learn everyday. I thought it maybe helpful to share it with you.

1. The most important trick that works well for me is to use natural light. It makes the photo look more clear and natural. You don’t want to use a super sunny day because it makes the photo way to bright. The shade on a day like this works well. I have a table in front of my picture window and it is one of my favor places to take pics. It has natural light but not direct light.

2. Don’t use busy backgrounds. Plain white works best for me. I have taken a few using some barn wood and black backgrounds but overall white. I use a thick piece of white paper most of the time. It’s easy to get and I usually have it near by.

3. Make sure your pictures are clear and not blurry. Be still and let the Camera do the work. I use my iPad and my iphone to take all my Etsy shop photos and it works great. I really don’t feel that anyone needs to go out and buy an expensive camera to take great product photos.

4. Always take 5-10 photos of each item. Take different angles and use different lighting. Customers want to see all aspects of the product. Think about what to want to see when you are the buyer. If your buying a necklace for example you want to know what kind of clasp it has. If your buying earring you want to know what kind of hook is on them. Take close ups that are clear.

5. I usually take about 5 items and photo them and then sit down and edit my pics. Look back through the pics.i take around 10 pics of each item.  Delete the bad ones. Get rid of the blurry ones. Crop the table out. You can always brighten them and add filters on your device to make them more appealing. Don’t over do it. You want them to look natural and still look like your items.

Here’s a few photos I took today and plan to list in my shop later this week. I always try to do this on Sunday because it’s relaxing to me. Then during the week I take the images and start listing them after work in my shop. I like to do this in the evenings to wind down after work. You can see in some of the photos they need cropped and brightened but I wanted you to get the feel of how it works.


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