Relating Yourself to Your Shop is Important

One of my instagram friends posted a question on her feed recently, ” What relates your culture to the items in your shop?”

This got me to thinking and it all made perfect sense. It’s very important to relate with your items and be knowledgeable about them. Especially considering customers will have questions and you want to have the right answers. I pondered for a while about this question and my answer tied everything together and made me more appreciative of my designs and creations.


I have always been a Country Girl raised in the hills and hollers of the Appalachian Mountains in a small town called Irvine. When I was a kid I played in the creeks and woods from daylight till dark. My daddy was a free spirited gypsy soul who loved rock”n”roll, outdoors, swimming holes, an appreciated all of natures creations. His idea of the perfect day was hanging out on a creak bank or in the tree line alone watching the world grow. He was very creative and always inventing things. This is brought out in my items through natural stones, peace signs, flowers, and nature related pieces. I feel like this part is my Daddy’s. This is so dear to me when I am creating pieces because I feel like he is part of it although he is gone.  

Peace Sign Burlap Country Gypsy Wreath image image image

My momma was always praying for my daddy, my sister and I. She was always trying to keep us all straight. She has been a seamstress for over 30 years at Carharts and plans to retire from there. The HairBows I feel is a part of her. She used to make my sister and I hair bows when we were kids. Also I have made a few scarfs and small sewing projects.

 image image image

The Bullet Jewelery and Hunting themed items are contributed by my husband and son. They love to hunt. So why not repurpose some bullets lying around the yard. Maybe make some dreamcatchers and earrings from some turkey feathers. My momma would say  ,”Waste Not, Want Not!”  I would have to say that adding my nephews into our household has contributed to more rhinestones and bling for sure. I feel a like I’m surrounded by testosterone considering I live with 5 males. I have to add a little feminista to the situation.

Handmade Jewelry from my Etsy Shop image image image image image

It is very important to ask yourself this question. You will be surprised when you really think about the culture of your shop. It has answered many other questions I personally had and also made a very clear shop story that I plan to update soon.



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