Starting Your Etsy Shop


Handmade Jewelry from my Etsy Shop
Handmade Jewelry from my Etsy Shop

Starting Your Etsy Shop

Etsy is a great opportunity to get your creations out into the world. Many people shop Etsy to find handmade creations that are unique and not common. If you love to create but your really not into marketing and selling it may not but the choice for you. 

One of the key parts to opening an your shop is making it stand out and be visible to buyers. Etsy can also be a great way to create an extra income and you can put as much time into it or as little time as you wish. Etsy does charge a small fee for listing items in your shop. You can read about this on there website. 

One of my personal favorite things about Etsy is meeting artist around the world and sharing tips, ideas, and trading products.

Here are some of the first steps to opening an etsy shop.

1. Find a theme for your shop. Something that goes well with your products. Something you can relate with and says this is what my shop is about.

2. Choose a name for your shop that relates to your product and your theme. Something that will stand out and will be easy for people to remember.

3. Find a great Shop Banner. This is the first thing your customers will see when they go to your shop. There are many different free banner options and you can creat your own as well.

4. Choosing your products and taking great photos of them. This is very important especially for online marketing. Buyers want a clear, sharp, lighted visual of what they are buying. Include all aspects of the item if possible. Don’t add a lot of backgrounds and props. Plain white is usually best.

5. Take time to fill out your profile and about page. Etsy is very personal. People like to know the story behind your work and why you do it. Be sure to include all your shipping and return policies as well. This is very important. You do not want to be in a dispute when you don’t have to be. 

6. Writing excellent product descriptions. You want your description to be to the short and to the point. It needs to include the items name in the first sentence so it can be found easier through search engines. You also want to include size and details in your descriptions as well. Try to incorporate your them with your items when possible.

7. Use accurate titles, tags, and categories for your products. You want buyers to be able to find your items easily. For example if you are listing a necklace you would want to use tags like women’s necklace, gifts for women, beaded necklace. Not fancy tags like Kentucky Made artisans necklace. Think about when you are searching for something on the Internet. What do you type in the search bar. That’s how you find what your looking for and buyers will find your items the same.

These are a few getting started steps for anyone wanting to open an Etsy Shop. I hope to share some more in the future. There are many great people involved in Etsy and if you plan to open a shop find a great team to join. Etsy teams are groups of artist that support each other and share each other’s work. It’s a great way to learn as well. Creative people are always willing to help you grow and give advice.

Etsy Shop Owner
 Wishing you lots of smiles and sunshine always! 

Mekeshia Jordan


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